Write the Future You Want to Live In

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve come across the oft-quoted anecdote on how the Star Trek communicator inspired the flip phone. This is usually preceded or followed by an assertion: because of this, speculative fiction has a place; we should keep writing it because it has a genuine impact on the world. Turns out the second claim has support of some scientific evidence, but there’s more to the story...

What makes Solarpunk a genre, and why should we write it? How do positive visions of the future affect both scientists and citizens, designers and engineers? Can fiction highlight solutions to environmental dangers and social injustice? 

After encountering many questions that my writing colleagues seem to have, I pooled knowledge from solarpunk communities I've inhabited over the years and penned this evidence-laden article as a (hopefully) handy reference.

This article appeared online in DreamForge Anvil Issue 11: Solar Imaginings and in print in DreamForge Issue 12.

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