Dandelion Brew

I turn around to prepare the infusions. Something catches my eye. A boat I’ve never seen before slithers into the Serpentine. Unlike mine, its cockpit is covered, presumably connected to the main cabin. The small deck on the bow looks like an afterthought. There are no windows— it’s all black. It has no running lights, surely a safety hazard if you ask me. It’s ugly and fascinating the way oil slicks are. 

To adapt to our changing climate and overcome challenges, we are going to need everything across the gamut of human knowledge, skills and technology. Too often, I've witnessed people taking sides in believing that their evidence is the only version of truth — whether it's empiricism or folk knowledge — to the extent that we would reject each others' perspectives without listening to each other, because we are blinded by prejudice. Writing "Dandelion Brew" was my way of exploring the relationship between technology and lore, and to play out a tiny slice of this conflict and examine how we might find common ground, and that seeing the world differently, together garners a collective strength.

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