Welcome to Your Satchel 3001—Librarian's Specialist Model

The Librarian Card Catalogue was borne from the idea that you could read stories about the Librarian's adventures through the multiverse in a random fashion: a deck of cards you could shuffle. It has to be the most beautiful publication I've had the fortune to participate in; every card has been uniquely designed to match the story. The bonus stamps and other ephemera are pretty special too. 

This unique anthology was edited by the talented Todd Sanders, who also did all the art. Stories by: Brent Baldwin, Carina Bissett, Brandon Crilly, E J Delaney, Lindsey Godfrey Eccles, Gabriel Ertsgaard, Mary Goodden, Paula Hammond, Rebecca Hardy, J.D. Harlock, Jennifer Howell, Marshall J. Moore, Mike Morgan, Waverly X. Night, Cameron E Quinn, Maria Schrater, Elizabeth Snow, NA Sulway, Ana Sun, and LB Waltz. 

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