Soul Noodles

The shadows on the faded wall danced silently to a rhythm that I could never put my finger on. Every time I stayed late to finish the day’s tasks, these silhouettes hypnotised me with their slither, lulling me into the sedate sleep-spell of a daydream.

I pinched myself awake.

Yes, just the fish in their glass tanks, assembled edge-to-edge across this open floor, eight levels up in a twenty-two-storey building belonging to the food-makers’ co-op—one of the many abandoned shopping malls we’d reclaimed.

Late afternoon light refracted through windows then water, colouring the white-tiled floor with a green-blue hue. Machines hummed a low, unwavering note. The fishes native to our waters—loaches, prawns, tilapia, koi—didn’t seem to mind. On top of the aquaria, ten thousand tiny spears of young rice plants stood solemn in their sobriety, a field of unfettered green.

"Soul Noodles" reimagines the Asian city I was born in as a Solarpunk locale. Food has always been central to our identity and culture. In this story, I wanted to explore: what happens if the ingredients core to our most significant recipes are no longer available?

This anthology was edited by Francesco Verso and copy-edited by Eileen Herbert-Goodall. Cover illustration by Ebe Paciocco, design & typeset by Alda Teodorani. Stories by: Vandana Singh, Cheryl S. Ntumy, Lavanya Lakshminarayan, Clelia Farris, Cristina Jurado, Lucie Lukačovičová, Ana Sun, Rupsa Dey, Jana Bianchi and Alda Teodorani. 

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