Shadow Among the Leaves

Some mornings, when I step out my front door, two hundred feet above the forest floor between trees shimmering with dew, that moment—so long ago now—still catches me off guard, transfixing time to stillness. That moment: when Titi climbed into a tree just like these to retrieve a wayward drone. His scrawny frame, a speck high up in the canopy, lost in a sparkling sky of deep green, his skin as brown as the belian he was scaling.

Based in a town in the heart of Borneo, this story is perhaps the most personal I've written to date. I wanted to simultaneously explore the complexity of grief in friendship, the natural environment as well as within a post-colonial context.  

This issue was guest-edited by Somto Ihezue, featuring cover art by Sejuti Bala. Stories by Amanda Ilozumba, Hussani Abdulrahim, and Ana Sun. Poetry by Mary Soon Lee and Abriana Tuller. Nonfiction by Nadia Benjelloun and Shantell Powell. Interior art by Jocelyn James, Joshua Effiong, and Martins Deep.

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