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The Librarian (standard cover)

Is there a moment that you would miss most, across any given lifetime?

Sitting here in this hidden street in Montmartre—or at least the memory of it—might well be the moment I’d cling to at my final point of death.

When Todd Sanders of Air and Nothing Press made an open call for stories for The Librarian anthology, it came with an intriguing list of character guidelines. This story took inspiration from a real library of things local to me, mashed up with ideas triggered by a favourite Dr. Who episode

The Librarian (standard cover)
"The Librarian" (Standard Book Cover) by Todd Sanders

The Librarian was edited by Todd Sanders. Authors: Azlïn Auckburally, E J Delaney, Jane Doring, Laurel Doud & Katrice Marroquin, Indigo Emmerson, J.D. Harlock, CL Hart, A.P. Hawkins, Henry Herz, Storm Humbert, Larry Ivkovich, Carter Lappin, Kenzie Lappin, Anya Markov, Katrina Middelburg, Sean Monaghan, Waverly X. Night, Leo Otherland, D.G.P. Rector, Zachary Rosenberg, Elizabeth Snow, Ana Sun, Michael Teasdale, Nathan Waddell.

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